Meet NC’s 23rd of 40 Alumnae: Kyle Hollingsworth

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Nature Camps, we’re introducing 40 alumnae, counselors, parents and students over the next several months.

These alumnae are dispersed around the globe, are passionate about their life’s work and the environment –many raising families and delighting in watching grandchildren — all continuing to work in the service of others.

Kyle Hollingsworth, who now lives in Boulder Colorado, was a part of Nature Camps from 1975 (when it was Don Webb Nature Camps) through 1989.  You may recognize his name from The String Cheese Incident band. Kyle is also part of the Kyle Hollingsworth Band.


Kyle shares his story….

It’s been many years since I have played in the woods of Baltimore County, and a long time since I have been in the family of Nature Camps.

I have now started my own family and begun my own traditions,
yet in those early adolescent years when I first found Don’s camp, I felt I had become part of a larger whole, part of the curve to a big circle.

It was through Nature Camps or (DWNC as I knew it) that I began to grow more confident as a young man. Starting as a Camper then CIT then JC and finally Counselor I gained self esteem and self awareness — meanwhile having fun making friends and connections that were deep and meaningful. I truly believe this experience helped me to become a better person.

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Don always put me in challenging and growing positions. From leading a troop of young children and scared parents through the pitch black night to a distant campfire (no flashlights!) or putting the most difficult/challenging child in my group, he made sure I was pushed to my best.

I have so many fond memories of my time there. Everything was such a blast, well perhaps eating rice from a leaf bowl with sticks for Friday lunch not so much, but for the most part I had a great 15+ years there.


Thanks Don for helping make me be who I have become and thanks to all the camp family over the years.


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